Services Include:

Adults/Teens/Tweens Couples/Partners/Family Relationship Issues
Grief and Loss Anxiety, Fears and Stress Management
Depression Personal Growth
Parenting Support

About Me

My name is Denise Hie and I am licensed by the states of Washington (#LF60680327) and Oregon by telehealth or travelers to WA state (#T2554) as a Marriage and Family Therapist. I am also a Child Mental Health Professional.  I am a strong advocate of cultural diversity and ethnic diversity, as well as for egalitarian relationships. I work well with many populations including those with various religious beliefs, no religious beliefs, families experiencing transitional difficulties in new life stages,  male role changes, issues surrounding the LGBTQ community, and older adolescents finding their way to adulthood. I also specialize in the topic of grief, in all of its forms. 


I have a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy through Argosy University in Honolulu. While I was schooling in Hawaii, I studied family systems, couples work, and child/adolescent needs. This gave me a solid background to combine with my nature to listen, work from a perspective of acceptance, and care for my community. My continuing education has included working with trauma, chemical dependency, couples and diverse populations.  My Bachelor degree comes from Central Washington University, where I received my diploma in the Social Sciences.  In 2021, I completed a year-long Grief Educator course hosted by David Kessler.

Approach :

You may wonder how I am able to help you if I have not experienced what is going on for you. My role as an LMFT is not to judge you, nor is it to have the same experiences. My role is to work within your value system rather than my own, to help you find peace of mind, and to uncover your strengths and skills that lead to a positive life experience.

My style as a therapist matches my style as a person. I am interactive and plain spoken when working with people, which means that I may not always tell you what you want to hear. Just know that my main focus is for your well-being and for your individual growth, which requires my honesty. I enjoy sharing a lightheartedness and joy of life, even during times that seem otherwise grim, as I work with you to inspire hope and to achieve an overall sense of safety. Often, I use the approach of "talk story" (in this case, use of meaningful stories and metaphors), which I'd learned while living on islands. Talk story is a relatable way to make a point and useful with some clients, as it creates a less-clinical space.

Experience :

Aside from my private practice, I have worked at community-based mental health care facilities, offering mental health and chemical dependency services to various populations, and people of all ages. I have worked with a domestic violence shelter as an advocate for callers, offering resources and encouragement toward a hopeful future. I worked in practicum at a residential facility for adolescent males who were coming from at-risk situations. With them, I held individual, family and group therapy sessions. My schooling and practicum while living in Hawaii, gave me a broader experience of working with many cultures, intergenerational living, blended families, military life, island life and diverse religious practices.

Affiliations :

I have been a member of the AAMFT since 2010, since the beginning of 2013. Click here to learn about the organization and to read the AAMFT Code of Ethics by which I follow.

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